About me

My name is Lacey. I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I am proud to say that I have had a reputation for making and wearing big jewelry as long as I can remember. As a sixth grader I wore huge earrings which were always the topic of discussion with classmates. As I entered junior high school I began to create jewelry out of sculpted watercolor paper and sold them successfully to teachers and staff. In high school I began to create beaded pieces, also bringing in some much needed extra income. I entered San Diego State University in 1994 as an Applied Design Major with an emphasis in Jewelry Design and Fabrication. I studied under internationally known art-jeweler Arline Fisch. One of my proudest moments was having a piece of my work published in her instructional book Textile Techniques in Metal. From 2003 to 2010 I worked out of a public studio in historic Old Town San Diego. I now spend my time in a private studio near La Mesa, CA. With a vast knowledge of quality, design, and origins of handcrafted imported silver from around the world, I have developed a long list of regular customers who, over the years, have also become my friends. I have created a line of handcrafted sterling silver pieces inspired by man’s historical appreciation for adornment. Some of my favorite inspirations include: traditional Mexican silver, African metal and beadwork, East Indian gold and gemstone work, Moroccan architecture, Thai silver, and Balinese silverwork. I look forward to adding to jewelry collections treasured around the world.